Over 88% Of The Television Episodes On Hulu Plus Are Available On Free Version

A new study claims that over 88% of the full-length TV program episodes on Hulu Plus are already available on the free Hulu.com. For clips, it's almost 98%. Research firm One Touch Intelligence found that out of 28K+ episodes on Hulu Plus, only 3,345 were not also found on Hulu.com. According to VideoNuze, "two-thirds of these incremental program episodes are sourced from Hulu's broadcast TV network partners/owners, ABC, Fox and NBC" — for example: 201 episodes of the X-Files, 191 episodes Law & Order SVU, 190 episodes of Saturday Night Live, 176 episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and 142 episodes of Family Guy. And to make matters worse, a lot of these episodes can be found on Netflix watch instantly (The X-Files, Family Guy, Law & Order SVU and some best of specials for SNL). And I'd assume that anyone who is thinking of spending $10 on Hulu Plus already is paying for Netflix...

I'm all for paying for a service that offers me extensive back episodes not available for free on the standard site, but this seems a bit ridiculous to me. Hulu supporters note that the service has only been live for 60 days and more exclusive content will likely be added down the road.

via: GreatWhiteSnark