See Test Animation Of Scott Pilgrim's First Fight

Here we are, with Scott Pilgrim vs the World still in theaters (perhaps barely! help this one out, folks!) and already there are details on some DVD extras. Director Edgar Wright today posed a snippet of animation to his blog; the clip details work that was done to plan the film's first fight sequence between Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) and Matthew Patel (Satya Babha). Check it out after the jump.

Edgar Wright posted this piece to celebrate the film's release in the UK. He says,

However to celebrate the release of the film, I would like to treat you to a little nugget from the eventual DVD / Blu Ray...This is a piece of animation that my amazing brother Oscar did way back in June 2008 to explain the physics of the battle between Scott Pilgrim and Matthew Patel...I think you'll agree that all movies should be plotted out in this fashion from now on.

Looking forward to hearing more details on the blu-ray, which will hopefully include a lot of material like this.

And because this info is rather slight, there's also another tiny piece of Pilgrim ephemera. It's been floating around behind the scenes and then through some post-screening Q&As, and was reported by The Playlist earlier this week.

Essentially, Wright had once planned (or hoped) to shoot a jokey alternate post-credits ending for the film that would take the form of a television news report detailing how a 20-something named Scott Pilgrim had been arrested for killing seven people. Those battles weren't cartoony and they weren't a least in the context of that gag ending, if it had been shot.

Wright wanted to get that on film/tape when reshoots took place, but ran out of time. So the idea was just an idea, until the cartoonist behind Half-Assed Commitment either came up with the same idea or heard about Wright's plan, and made this comic strip as a compromise.


(And, yes, there is an alternate ending that did get shot — or, rather, the reshoots were done in part to create a new ending. Early test screening audiences saw one ending to Scott Pilgrim, and what's in theaters now has a different end. The change is just in the final minute or so, but it isn't insignificant. I won't post spoilers, but those who've seen the film can probably guess what it was. Hopefully that original ending will be on the disc, too.)