Take That, Theatrical Re-Release! Avatar Special Edition DVD Will Feature Sixteen Minutes Of New Footage

This is the sort of thing that Fox should have kept a lid on until after the Avatar Special Edition was back in theaters with nine new minutes of footage. Because what's better than nine new minutes? Sixteen, which is the running time of the extra footage that will reportedly be in the DVD release of the Avatar Special Edition.

Or, as THR reports, the special edition theatrical release this weekend may just be a nearly three-hour commercial for this new DVD release, which will hit in November with "at least 16 minutes of extra Avatar footage."

We've heard from James Cameron about the extensive new material in the theatrical special edition, but Jon Landau was more concise in his conversation with THR:

We tried to look at what people have responded to in the film and give them more of that...There's a whole new scene that takes place in the (Na'vi) school, there's more night bioluminescence, there's new creatures, and there is a new action scene. The scenes don't just feel like added scenes — they are very organic to the story and embellish it.

Or, as Fox distro chief Bruce Snyder told the trade, "About every 15 minutes you'll get something new that you haven't seen before, which is kind of cool." By those numbers we can expect something new every 7.5 minutes on the upcoming DVD. Will our Pandora ADD ever be satisfied?

Sad thing is, this isn't even a record for quad-dipping a movie, although it might be in terms of timeframe. By the time this DVD hits shelves in November, there will have been two theatrical releases and two DVD releases of the film. By next year, there will be a 3D DVD, too. George Lucas may no longer be the master.