Cool Stuff: ET Wars And Snake Purrsken T-Shirts

We usually don't run our Cool Stuff column on the weekend, but two movie-parody t-shirt designs popped up this morning and neither will be available after midnight.

  • Teefury has "Snake Purrsken". The design, created by Rob Gould, is a LOLCats version of Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. "Vicious, yet cuddly: a deadly combination." The t-shirt is available for only $9 plus shipping, but will only be available until midnight Saturday night.
  • RIPT Apparel has "ET Wars" a Star Wars/E.T. mash-up, using the iconic image of Elliot and alien friend flyingthrough the air, with the moon in the background. The design by Tidy Ink, will only be available until midnight on Saturday, but can be bought for only $10 plus shipping.
  • See both designs in higher resolution, after the jump.