Cool Stuff: The 3G Art Show: Ghostbusters, Goonies And Gremlins - Part 3

How does the Los Angeles-based Gallery 1988 top their Crazy4Cult show? By announcing a team-up with The Autumn Society for something they are calling "The 3G Show". A Pop-Culture art show in tribute to Ghostbusters, Goonies, and Gremlins. 3 movies that defined our generation. How cool is that? The show will have their grand opening on Friday September 3rd from 7-10pm, and will run until September 22nd 2010. The show features new art from /Film favorites like Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo, among a variety of other awesome artists.

You may recall that we've posted two previews from the upcoming show the first one with  over 25 images, and a second preview with another 20 pieces of art. After the jump I have compiled an additional collection of 24 awesome pieces created for this exhibition.

Dave Perillo – Goonies

Brandon Schaefer – 3G Poster

Paul Palcko – S is for Sloth

Paul Palcko – Gremlins

Paul Palcko – Ecto 1

Anthony Pedro – "Andy" (the Goonies)

Anthony Pedro – "Janine" (Ghostbusters)

Anthony Pedro – "Kate" (Gremlins)

Glen Brogan – Gremlins, Ghostbusters, and Goonies

Kasey Tararuj – Goonies

Kasey Tararuj – "library presence" (Ghostbusters)

Kasey Tararuj – "hi-ho movies" (Gremlins)

Glen Brogan – 3G Poster

Tom Whalen – "Ghost Trap"

Jude Buffum – "You Say Yes"

Jude Buffum – "You Wanna Play Pirate?"

Jude Buffum – "Last Call"

Craig Parrillo – "Bodacious ghosts"

Craig Parrillo – "Radical Fuzzy Guy"

Craig Parrillo – "Bosanova Deformed Pink Man"

Brandon Schaefer – "Brand Crossing"

Kim Herbst – "...Or We'll All B Flat"

Jus – Dooniedtin Gray – "Technology is Racing"

Scott Derby – "Sloth Love Chunk"

See more art from The 3G Art Show in Part 1 and Part 2 of our 3G Art Preview!

The Gallery is located at:

Gallery 1988 Los Angeles

7020 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038

The show premiere is Friday, September 3rd, 2010.

Also check out more work from the artists in The Autumn Society on their official website.