LOL: The Last Exorcism On Chatroulette

I've never used Chatroulette, but I once attended a show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater in Los Angeles called Chatroulette Live where some improv comedians do their thing using the live face-to-face internet chatting website live on stage. It's a hilarious show, and if you ever have the chance, see it. That said, I think I've gathered all I need to know about Chatroulette from that experience. I'm not really sure anyone goes on Chatroulette just to talk with random strangers across the interwebs. For the most part it seems like a place where guys are trying to convince the few women who enter to act sexually provocative. Other users use it to trick other users into watching them masturbate. Yes, technically, I paid UCB to watch live video of guys jerking off on the internet. But I assure you, it was much more than that. Anyway, the third aspect of Chatroulette is advertisements. Sex and porn websites hijack webcam feeds to advertise their sexy chat services or what not.

Most of the advertisements are obvious and annoying, but this latest viral advertisement from Lionsgate is brilliant. It is to promote the upcoming horror film The Last Exorcism, and involves a bunch of planted pre-recorded videos of a girl who appears to be responding to sexual advances, becoming possessed and scaring the users. Lionsgate has recorded some of the reactions and uploaded them to YouTube. Watch some of the videos now embedded after the jump.

Thanks to Very Aware for the heads up.