Seth Rogen In DreamWorks Animation's 'Boo U.' ('Monsters Inc' Meets 'Casper'?)

DreamWorks Animation has signed Seth Rogen to voice the lead character in Boo U, a computer animated film which asks what ghosts think about humans. The film tells the story of a ghost who is bad at his job and must return to ghost school to learn how to become a better spook.

Jon Vitti, who was a writer on The Simpsons and King of the Hill, is working on the screenplay. And the film will be directed by Tony Leondis, the filmmaker behind the forgettable Weinstein Co animated comedy Igor and the not-so-great direct to video sequel Lilo & Stitch 2.

Pixar had A Bugs Life, Dreamworks had Ants. Pixar released Finding Nemo, and Dreamworks made A Shark's Tale, Pixar created The Incredibles, and in 2010 Dreamworks will release their own superhero film Oobermind. Could Boo U. be Dreamworks Animation's attempt at trying to replicate some of the story elements and success of Pixar's Monsters, Inc?

Boo U is set to hit theater in Summer 2012 (that is, if the world doesn't end).

source: HeatVision