Trailer: Frank Miller's Gucci Guilty TV Commercial/Short Film

Gucci has released a trailer for their new television commercial/short film directed by comic artist/creator turned director Frank Miller (Sin City, The Spirit), starring Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans, and featuring the music of Friendly Fires. The ad to promote Gucci Guilty — the new fragrance for her, will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12th.

"A white sports car screeches across a dystopian cityscape – a beautiful blonde at the wheel. Her blazing tires screech to a halt, and she steps out to survey her hunting ground. Savoring the night air she remembers: a night, a man, her choice... a perfume."

Visually, it looks like a mash-up of Sin City meets The Wachowski's Speed Racer. Apparently the film will premiere online a but earlier, on August 24th 2010. Watch the trailer now embedded after the jump.