Watch Danny Boyle Talk About 127 Hours: "We Want It To Be A Challenge For You"

Danny Boyle showed up at Movie Con in London this past weekend, where he premiered the trailer for his new film 127 Hours. The trailer isn't yet online, but there is a video clip of Boyle on stage talking about the film, and quite a bit of additional transcription from the event. Read Boyle's comments on the film, and watch the clip, after the break.Empire has video of Boyle talking on stage, and also describes the trailer, which opens with James Franco as Aron Ralston, who is... the high life, biking in the desert, partying with friends and introducing two girls (Kate Mara and Amber Tamblyn) to his canyoneering ways, before dashing off on his own. It's soon after that that, making his way up a narrow crevice, a boulder lands on his arm, wedging him in.

And that's it — that's the end point of the trailer. But Boyle offers a lot of other info about the film. For instance he explains why he made it in the first place:

The advantage we got with the [Slumdog Millionaire] success we had was that you had an opportunity to do something with it, and I've wanted to make this film since 2005...I didn't want to do it like Touching the Void, because that was so wonderful and I didn't want to do it like a documentary. I said I wanted to do it where you are part of the experience, and where the audience is trapped with [Aron Ralston] for the whole 127...Without that [Slumdog] success, we wouldn't have gotten to make it. Because what you saw in the teaser trailer is the good bit, the fun bit – and after that he's stuck there.

And he explains a bit about the film, and how he worked with James Franco as Ralston, who is trapped for most of the film:

The bit after you saw him getting trapped in the trailer has him trying, for hours, to get out. Now we'd fixed it so he couldn't move the rock; but by God he tried! He tried to rip that set apart. So we had two cameramen every day, because we didn't have a villain – except for the rock, but it's inanimate – but we'll have two cameramen and change them so it gives him something different to do.

Finally, check the clip below, in which Boyle says, "we want it to be a challenge for you guys as well, to see if you can watch it."