Cool Stuff: Dave Perillo's 'Expendable' Star Trek Art/T-Shirt

One of my favorite pop culture artists in a cartoonist named Dave Perillo. You've seen his work featured in many past editions of Cool Stuff and all those Crazy4Cult art show pieces. I just love his retro style, and have at least ten of his prints hanging on the walls of /Film HQ (well, actually, I havent hung most of them, but when I start hanging my framed prints, this will be literally true). His latest creation is titled "Expendable", but isn't actually for the movie Expendables but instead old school Star Trek and the always expendable Red Shirt Starfleet Officer. See the whole piece of art after the jump.

Teefury is selling the design on a t-shirt today for only $9 plus shipping. The tee will only be on sale today only so get it while you can.


Perillo writes:

With the power house Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Couture, Rourke, Willis, Stone Cold, Roberts and Schwarzenegger "Expendables" movie being released tomorrow, i thought i'd pay tribute to the one true expendable... the star trek "red shirt", may he rest in piece on whatever alien planet he was disintergrated on...

I'm not sure if Perillo is selling prints of this piece, but you can contact him through his website to be put on the wait list, Montygog's Art-o-rama.