Cool Stuff: The 3G Art Show: Ghostbusters, Goonies And Gremlins

How does the Los Angeles-based Gallery 1988 top their Crazy4Cult show? By announcing a team-up with The Autumn Society for something they are calling "The 3G Show". A Pop-Culture art show in tribute to Ghostbusters, Goonies, and Gremlins. 3 movies that defined our generation. How cool is that? The show will have their grand opening on Friday September 3rd from 7-10pm, and will run until September 22nd 2010. Which means I'll be at Telluride just in time to miss this awesome art exhibition, and will be in Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival and Austin for Fantastic Fest, before the show even concludes. But I can still admire from afar. The show features new art from /Film favorites like Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo. After the jump I have compiled a collection of some of the awesome pieces being created for this show which have already been posted online.

The Poster (by Tom Whalen)

Cute, Cuddly, Scary, and Fun – Gremlins (Brandon Schaefer)

The Goonies Breakfast Cereal (Ian Glaubinger)

Light Bright, Light Bright (Kim Herbst)

Ray, When Someone Asks if You are A God... (Kim Herbst)

I'm Taking Them All Back (Peter Wonsowski)

Close-up of the gold:

Chunk Woodie (Xander Thurteen)

Peter Venkman Woodie (Xander Thurteen)

Trap 'Em All, Let Egon Sort 'Em Out (Scott Derby)

Gremlins Ruin (Scott Derby)

Ghostbusters Paranormal Centre NYC Subway Station (Brandon Schaefer)

Mogwai Record (Peter Wonsowski)

when i think of Gremlins, my first thought is of Mogwai, the name of inarguably the most influential modern instrumental post rock from Scotland. since my first love, pipe dream, and bulk of current freelance work is elaborately packaged vinyl records, i thought, "wouldn't it be awesome to make a fake record for Mogwai?" i actually went on ebay hoping to score a 7" from the Glasgow mega-snakes, and in turn actually found TWO story book records from childhood of the film in question! even better! my goal was to pay tribute to the incredible and adorable keyboard scene, as well as pay homage to the gestural illustrated blue-note jazz LPs of the 50s and 60s, using only colors found on a Gremlin. the entire package will be spread out and in display in a frame specifically made to eventually house a 12" LP. the idea being that if someone purchases it, they can, and should, remove it, play it, and house it in their own record collection, AND have a frame they can use for other vinyl treasures. that the art comes from removing it all, constructing it, enjoying it, experiencing it, and doing more than just tacking it on the wall

Data (Tom Whalen)

Gremlins Poster (Tom Whalen)

Slimed Sloth (JoKa)

Goonies Never Say Die (Miranda Webber)

Bye Bye Billy (Miranda Webber)

I ain't afraid of no ghost (Miranda Webber)

Coffee Break (Pat Kinsella)

Data (Pat Kinsella)

Plush Slimer (Ashley Long)

Titles That Never Were: The Goonies (Brandon Schaefer)

Titles That Never Were: Ghostbusters (Brandon Schaefer)

Titles That Never Were: Gremlins (Brandon Schaefer)

Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction (Oliver Akuin)