Watch The Fact-Filled End Credits From 'The Other Guys'

One of the stranger things about Adam McKay's action comedy The Other Guys, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, is the end credits. In a film like this you might expect jokey outtakes or throwaway character comedy to run alongside the credits. But McKay did something different: he used the film's credits to lambaste corporate business and bonus packages. Now the full sequence is online.

I'm not going to drop any real spoilers about The Other Guys here, but if you haven't seen the film and don't want to know anything at all, go no further. Just skip to the video player, which won't give away anything about the film's actual story.

Frankly, this is a better way to see this sequence than in the theater; I thought it felt tacked on to the end of the film. There are vague comments about corporate malfeasance in the film, but to have the movie go from action/comedy ending to didactic powerpoint presentation was a jarring transition. I would have liked elements of The Other Guys better if McKay had gone a lot farther with the business commentary and just made it into a full-on lefty screed, like Michael Moore making an action film. But it doesn't and this sequence feels weird at the end.

Which is too bad, because it is a nicely assembled presentation. And that's where the internet comes in. Moviefone has the sequence, and info about the origin of the idea. McKay went to Picture Mill, the same firm that, under creative director William Lebeda, has worked on his other films. Lebeda says,

There was not a lot of finger-pointing in the movie. He felt this was his opportunity to point the finger...We knew the issues we wanted to talk about...We did a little bit of research. To get specific numbers, we hired a copywriter, Mark Tapio Kines.

Art director Grant Nellessen says "The sources were official government documents...Sony had to vet everything to confirm we weren't making up facts. It wasn't just our opinion."