Movie Trailer: Enter The Void

This domestic trailer for Gaspar Noé's Enter the Void is the best look yet at the colorful head trip of a movie that premiered over a year ago at Cannes. IFC picked up domestic distribution rights and will release the film on September 24. This is the company's first major promo effort for what must be a pretty difficult sale, but the trailer does its job well. My sky-high interest in seeing the film certainly hasn't changed after watching it a couple times.

Here we don't just see the colors, strobe lights and Tokyo nightlife that have become the film's visual trademarks. We hear quite a bit from Nathaniel Brown and Paz de la Huerta, who play Oscar and Linda, a brother and sister struggling to keep their family together in the wake of their parents' death. This clip gives more of a sense of how the film plays, as it is shot from the perspective of Oscar, who spends much of the film in a state of limbo, wandering Tokyo and unwilling to leave his sister, even though he has been shot and killed.

But then, yeah, there are the colors, the lights and the general sense of dissolution and insanity that Noé communicates. There isn't anyone who uses a camera like he does, and while Enter the Void has quite a few detractors (who criticize it as overlong and empty) I have to see this one in a theater just to experience the sensory experience it attempts to create. For more of that, check out the film's utterly mad opening credits.

This is safer for work than you might expect, but if shots of nightclub performers writhing around seems out of bounds, consider this NSFW.

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