Tron Legacy Show Planned For Disneyland

Ever since the first test footage from Tron Legacy premiered at Comic-Con three years ago, Disney fans have been talking up the idea of the Mouse House introducing a new Tron ride at the Disneyland/Disney World theme parks. I've told you previously that Disney Imagineers were visiting the set just days before I stepped foot on the End of Line Club soundstage.

Disney decided to skin the Monorails in Orlando, transforming them into light bikes, to promote the upcoming movie release. And we've heard rumors of a Flynn's Arcade in Tomorrowland, a revamp of the old People Movers and even a new Tron Legacy ride. These are just rumors, we don't know what is true or now. But we now have a confirmation that Tron Legacy will have a presence in the Disneyland theme parks. More information after the jump.

Stitch Kingdom has found a casting call for Disneyland's Disney California Adventure theme park, looking for Male and female contemporary and hip-hop dancers for a new show which will be performed on stages outside in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot and main entrance areas.According to the report, the new "nighttime celebration" will be in honor of TRON Legacy. And the casting listing says that they are looking for people experienced with martial arts. I just happened to visit Disneyland and California Adventure last week, and they currently have a nighttime party in the area with moving bars featuring light up cups. Is it possible that they are going to recreate the End of Line club in the park with castmembers in light-up Tron costumes and a parkour fight stunt sequence? Very...

As for a ride, we might be waiting a little longer for that announcement.

When I talked with Disney's President of Production/Tron Legacy producer Sean Bailey at Comic-Con this year, I asked him if there would be a Tron Legacy presence at Disneyland parks. He responded:

"We don't know yet. Look, as a kid, I went to the park like you. Certainly, the idea that something you worked on is ultimately one day at the park, what a thrilling possibility. These rides take a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of thinking to do them at the level our Imagineers so brilliantly do. So I think it's kind of in the thinking about stage, but man, I would love it if it became a reality one day."

So if there is a ride, it might not be announced until well after Tron Legacy is released later this year.