Chloe Moretz In Talks To Star In Karyn Kusama's 'The Rut'

Karyn Kusama is looking to follow up Jennifer's Body, which she directed from Diablo Cody's script, with The Rut, a film about a father and daughter who have a relationship based around hunting and survival. To make things more interesting, Chloe Moretz is in talks to star as the daughter. The LA Times says The Rut "concerns a father-daughter relationship and centers particularly on hunting, as a daughter must learn [sic; I expect that should be 'use'] the tricks of hunting and archery taught to her by her father after said father goes missing." From that explanation, especially thinking of Moretz in the role, I get the sense of Kick-Ass mixed with Joe Wright's forthcoming Hanna.

I want to know more about this one — what's the intended tone, for example? All the LAT offers is that the film would take Kusama in a different direction from her previous movies. But that's obvious from the logline — core female protagonist aside, when I read the logline I picture something very different from Girlfight, Aeon Flux or Jennifer's Body. But I'm not sure what I should be picturing.

You're probably getting the feeling that we'll be seeing Moretz in as many films as her family will let her line up over the next few years, and I'd expect you're right. This is the second one today for which she's said to be a candidate. The other was Old St. Louis, the film that David O. Russell is lining up with Vince Vaughn.