Infographic: Inception Timeline

I've said it before, I don't really believe Christopher Nolan's Inception is really that complicated. Not to discount Inception, it is one of the best films released this year. I just don't that it is all that confusing. I think the story is pretty straight-forward and easy to understand. But some people seem to think it's rather complex and confusing, as I've seen many posts trying to dissect the film and provide an explanation, sometimes proposing conclusions that very likely don't even exist (the evidence just isn't there to back up most of the theories).

New Jersey based 3D modeler ~dehahs has created an awesome infographic that clearly explains the timeline of the film, complete with the different levels of dreams and kicks. You might remember that we featured dehahs's Pulp Fiction timeline previously on the site. Hit the jump to see the full image.

See more of dehahs work on Deviant Art.