First Look/Listen: Daft Punk In Tron: Legacy [Costumes And Music]

Disney's Tron: Legacy had a HUGE presence at Comic-Con, including a gigantic booth on the show floor. I was only really able to visit it briefly during preview night, and while I didn't see anything Daft Punk related on display, others claim to have spotted Daft Punk action figures on display. The figures give us a look at what the electronic music duo look like in the movie.

For those of you who don't know, Daft Punk appear in the movie playing music in the End of Line club. I was on set for a scene in that location, but Daft Punk were not filming scenes during my visit, so I can't verify these images as legit — but they do look real. Small side-note, we did bump into Daft Punk on set, but completely out of costume (something I've been told is very rare).

Also, sometime during the weekend some tracks which claim to be part of Daft Punk's score from the film appeared on YouTube. While we can not confirm or deny that these are legit, they do sound like the music we've heard in the trailers. Listen to the music and check out the action figures, after the jump.

Here is the photo (found on picasaweb)

The music has appeared on the French website StoptheNoise. I'm not sure or not if it is real. I've heard rumblings that it is not (which might explain why it is still online).