Comic-Con: Tron Legacy Footage Description/Video Blog

Tron Legacy has been exciting geeks at Comic-Con for the past couple years, first with its surprise conceptual footage two years ago, and again with its visually revamped trailer the year after. With only one Comic-Con left to show off the film, fans were greeted by a full 8 minutes of footage from the movie, all of it in 3D. Find a detailed description after the break.

The footage begins with Flynn's son, Sam, walking a deserted landscape. The world under him begins to transform, capturing him on a sole hexagonal platform. A dual-pronged ship lands in the distance, and he's taken on board as a prisoner by two guards. They slam him against a wall lined up with other prisoners, locking him in place. The ship takes off, and flies through a city reminiscent to the one in Blade Runner.

"This is a mistake." he stammers. "I'm not a program!"

He tries to confer with a facially distored man beside him, but the man snaps back with a growl.

The ship lands, and a woman evaluates them one by one. "Rectify. Rectify. ...Games." The man, devastated by his placement, begs for his life. He struggles to break free, and is thrown into a spinning fan blade. They continue. "Rectify. Rectify." Then they scan Sam. "Games."

He's pulled aside, and drops down an elavator platform. Four women covered in white surround him, walking robotically in unison. Their fingers light up, and sear off his clothes, beginning with his pants. "Hey," Sam says. "They have a zipper, you know."

A pixelated black suit begins to form around Sam.

"He's different," says one of the women. They grab pieces of armor, and start clamping them to Sam's body. Finally, they pull out his memory disc, and stick it to his back.

The women begin to retreat backwards into the wall. "What am I supposed to do?" Sam asks. One responds: "Survive."

A massive door opens, and he struts into the darkness.

Later, we see him held as a participant on a circular ship.

A montage ensues, highlighting plenty of light cycle and disc battle action. Among the highlights: a cartoonishly villainous and wild-haired Micheal Sheen screams manically, and demands the music to begin, looking toward two suited men (aka Daft Punk in costume); a disc is thrown through a participant, blasting through his torso and shattering his body against the ground; a group of winged orange-suited men fly through the city, with a design similar to butterflies; and lastly, there's a final tease of a man (possibly Sam) falling through the air, grasping onto nothingness as a orange light jet forms around him, blasting him into the distance.

Also shown is a scene from the trailer, with Sam taken into a room by guards and meeting a mysterious man. The man's helmet opens, revealing what appears to be his dad at the age of 35. "Dad?" he asks, startled. "I'm not your father, Flynn."

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