Video Blog: Comic-Con 2010 Preview

/Film has landed at Comic-Con, and we're gearing up to take it on with some great coverage — even though it doesn't seem like there's as much cool movie-related events as last year. (At least there's no Twilight event this time around.) In this video blog, Peter, Adam, Russ, and Devindra chat about what they're looking forward to the most at the convention, and why.

The big movie titles we're all looking forward to this year are Scott Pilgrim, and Tron: Legacy. The latter is still running on excitement it has built up over the previous two conventions, but over the past year we've also seen even more viral events, a new trailer, and a variety of other cool tidbits. Scott Pilgrim is so close to its official release that we're not quite sure what else we can learn from its panel — but with the recent release of Bryan Lee O'Malley's sixth book in the series, and some exciting looking Pilgrim events this year, the film's presence is inescapable at the convention.

Other things we're looking forward to include Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead, the new Spielberg-produced alien TV show Falling Skies, and Sony Pictures' Battle: Los Angeles.

View the video blog below: