Full Grindhouse Blu-Ray Release Confirmed For October

Earlier this month a suspicious tweet filed by filmmaker Edgar Wright led us to speculate that a Blu-ray release of Grindhouse was in the works. As you probably know, when Grindhouse was released in theaters, it was a double feature featuring Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror, Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof, and a few faux trailers at the beginning and in between. When the films were released on DVD, they were distributed as separate movies, with the trailers omitted from both releases (with the exception of Machete). We now have confirmation of a full Blu-ray release, details after the jump.

High Def Digest confirms that a complete Grindhouse release is finally being prepped for Blu-ray, and will finally hit store shelves on October 5th 2010. Specs and supplements have yet to be confirmed, although we're pretty sure it will include all of the fake trailers that came with the theatrical release. The full Grindhouse Blu-ray will come packaged with two discs and will have a list price of $19.97. I'm kind of surprised they didn't try to time the release of the Blu-Ray with the theatrical release of Machete, the fake trailer in Grindhouse turned feature film — which hits theaters on September 3rd 2010.