Liev Schreiber Will NOT Return For Scream 4, But Wes Craven Will Have Cameo

Liev Schreiber has confirmed something that seems pretty obvious to me, something that most people suspected – His character Cotton Weary will not return in Scream 4.

"Cotton is dead!" Schreiber told IGN. "I know, I keep reading on the Internet that I'm doing Scream 4, but I don't know where that comes from. No one ever told me I was doing Scream 4. No one ever mentioned anything to me."

While Schreiber isn't expected to make an appearance in the new sequel, yet another Scream series veteran has announced his plans to return for the fourth film. I'm not talking about the previously announced Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette or even Roger L. Jackson, the voice actor who provides the creepy voice of Ghostface. Who is it? Find out after the jump.

He's appeared in all three Scream films thus far, in the first one as "Fred the Janitor", in Scream 2 as "Doctor" and in Scream 3 as "Man with Video Camera on Studio Tour".

Yes, I'm talking about director Wes Craven, who has confirmed he will make another cameo in this latest Scream installment. Craven tweeted the following:

"My crew was wondering what my cameo should be in #SCREAM4. Suggestions? No janitor, doctor or tourist."

With the film currently in production, Craven needs to figure out his cameo soon or he won't have that many options.

via: ScreamTrilogy