Rumor: Anton Yelchin For Harry Osborn Role In Spider-Man?

This is about as unfounded as it gets, but we'll indulge the rumor for the sake of conversation. Why is the rumor that states that Anton Yelchin is the lead candidate for the role of Harry Osborn so tenuous? Because it comes from IMDB, which is lax enough that a chimp who happened to type Yelchin's name into the wrong box could have listed him as 'rumored' for the part.

For that matter, we don't even know with certainty that Harry Osborne is in the Marc Webb reboot of Spider-Man. Sure, he's one of the classic characters associated with the series, so it is quite likely, but we haven't had any final confirmation. (Though actress Elena Satine, who auditioned for Mary Jane, tweeted about considering Alden Ehrenreich for the role. As she's likely read some of the script, that's a good thumbs-up for the presence of Osborn.)

As with the casts of a few other comic book movies like X-Men: First Class and The Avengers, expect to hear a lot more about this in a little under two weeks when Comic Con gets underway.

For now, discuss: how about Yelchin for Osborne? He certainly looks the part, and he could easily hold his own against Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker. Yelchin is a great idea as a way to break from the James Franco incarnation of Osborn, as well. It makes sense that Sony might go back to the Peter Parker shortlist to draw actors for other roles in the film, and this is a very easy choice to endorse. Just don't get too attached to it, because for now we don't know that it isn't a total fabrication.