/Film Featured As Tekzilla's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of"

/Film was featured on Revision 3's internet tech show Tekzilla as one of their "Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of". I want to thank hosts Patrick Norton and Robert Heron for featuring us on the show.

It's such an honor to hear people I've watched and respected for so long say nice things about /Film. When I traveled across country to San Francisco nearly a decade ago, I forced my friends to come with me to a live taping of The Screen Savers. This was before TechTV became G4, and before the once great call-in-tech show was turned into Attack of the Show. I use to watch the Screen Savers nearly everyday, and have followed Patrick and Robert through the many mutations over the years, be it DL TV, This Week in Tech, or Techzilla. Thanks guys!

Watch the clip embedded after the jump.