Teaser Trailer: The House That Drips Blood On Alex, Starring The Room's Tommy Wiseau

If you frequent /Film regularly, you've probably already been exposed to the brilliance/insanity/grammatical terror of The Room, Tommy Wiseau's failed attempt at a provocative, seductive drama-thriller. The film, which is as hilarious as it is downright baffling, has been declared by many to be the worst film ever made, and has gone on to receive a massive cult following.

One would assume that writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau would be less than thrilled to be the butt of the colossal joke that is his $7 million production, but since its release, he's asserted that the comedic value of the film was wholly intentional—a claim that's easily disputed by watching the first 30 seconds of any interview with him.

He tries to maintain the illusion anyway though, and his latest attempt at doing so is through a horror parody short film called The House That Drips Blood On Alex. Watch the teaser trailer after the break.

The short, which was produced by Studio 8, will be airing in conjunction with AtomTV on Comedy Central this fall. If you can't wait that long, and are lucky enough to be going to Comic-Con this summer, you can also attend its premiere on July 24 at 8:30 PM.

Grindhouse parodies are hardly a novel concept anymore, but the comedic timing on this video is rather terrific. That's also why I know that Tommy Wiseau had no part in the creative process behind it. Wiseau already tried his hand at "intentional" comedy several years ago with The Neighbors, a sitcom which was meant to be his follow-up to The Room but now only exists in trailer form online.

This is Wiseau's idea of comedy; The House That Drips Blood On Alex is not.

Does that make me anticipate this project any less? Maybe slightly, but the fact remains that the trailer features a shrieking Tommy Wiseau drenched in blood. I will definitely be watching this.

However, it's worth noting that the folks over at Studio 8 aren't the first people to think of hiring Tommy to star in one of their projects. Tim and Eric, the duo behind Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, did the same thing last year. I've included his appearance on that show below.

To hear more about The Room and the madness of Tommy Wiseau, listen to our discussion about the film on the /Filmcast, or check out David Chen's interview with the visionary himself.

[via Video Gum]