Predators - What Did You Think?

Nimrod Antal's Predators is out in theaters everywhere today, and despite a whole host of story/pacing problems, I had a really great time when I saw it at a press screening this past week. Adrien Brody was suitably badass and Alice Braga proves she can hold her own in a testosterone-filled action film. Most impressive to me was Antal's work; the film's set pieces have a great sense of geography and evoke a tension that we don't see enough of in popular action directors (the deficiencies of Michael Bay come to mind). If anything, Predators proves that Antal has an extremely promising filmmaking career ahead of him.

But what did you guys think of the film? Did you find Adrien Brody convincing as the lead? What did you think of John Debney's old-school score for the film? Did Antal deliver a solid entry to the franchise? Was the "Predator" mythology respected? As always, spoilers are allowed in the comments.