Teaser Trailer #2: David Fincher's 'The Social Network;' Film Will Open The New York Film Festival

The buzz on The Social Network, David Fincher's new film that recounts the behind the scenes conflict that resulted from the founding and success of Facebook, is getting to be quite good. So good that Sony gave the go code for co-star Andrew Garfield to take the lead role in the studio's Spider-Man reboot. We've seen one teaser, and another very similar one arrived today.

Sony was initially sending takedown notices for this new teaser as quickly as people could post the clip. The teaser is meant to be an exclusive for the New York Film Festival, for which The Social Network will be the opening film on September 24. That will also be the film's world premiere. And, according to Movieline, Sony says a full trailer is one the way very soon. For now, you can see the new teaser below, as Sony apparently decided that, the cat being out of the bag, people might as well get to see it.

Meanwhile, producer Scott Rudin talked to the New York Times about the film, saying, "It's an examination of how hard it is to find out what the truth is about anything...Movies have a very hard time being current, and this is the rare example of a movie that is about something that is happening at this very moment...It's about ambition, it's about greed. It's about betrayal. It's about friendship. It's about trying to be on the inside of something when you feel, terminally, on the outside of everything."