More Men In Black III Plot Details Emerge

We've slowly been getting details on the story ideas behind Men in Black III, the 3D sequel to Barry Sonenfeld's two action/comedy/alien movies. Some of what we already know is probably in spoiler territory, and now new stuff has come to light that probably extends that territory further. But we've broken things down after the break so you can get safe details easily, and only read the full setup if you're not worried about losing whatever surprise might be in store.

JoBlo has an article informed by a pass at the script, and while it doesn't read like the most positive take, there are a few new pieces of info. And some of this contradicts what we've been told before, so don't yet take any of it as gospel.

The first big detail is that the only villain is Yaz, played by Jemaine Clement, and described in the script as "not...particularly funny...and oozing badassery and violence out of every pore." So, kinda like the roach in the first film. JoBlo doubts Clement's ability to play that, but look at the Dinner For Schmucks trailer and I think that, properly directed, he could nail it.

(We'd heard when Clement was cast that there would be a number of bad guys, so keep that in mind. We don't know at the moment which draft of the script this info is based on.)

And then there is a new set of celebrities who are revealed as aliens, at least one of whom has an extended cameo (to be played by another actor, rather than the actual person, for reasons that will become obvious). Among the mentions are Yoko Ono, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jimi Hendrix, Fidel Castro and Andy Warhol.

And now the spoiler-ish stuff:

So we've known that a time-travel plot was the basic story idea, with Jay (Will Smith) going back in time to visit a younger version of Kay (Josh Brolin) with appearances from the older Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) at some point in the film. This report says that Yaz travels back in time to kill Kay, "which sets off a chain of events that ends in the destruction of the world." JoBlo says the particulars are a little muddy. The time-travel plot is obviously tied to the celeb mentions, as most of those names aren't quite contemporary. It's Warhol that has the extended cameo, so we'll have an opportunity to see yet another young actor portray the artist. (How many times has Warhol been portrayed by other actors? At least a dozen.) There are also some aliens who can see into or through the future, who are said to be central to the plot, but JoBlo's report is vague there as well.