First Look: Colin Farrell In Horrible Bosses

Hey, discarding handsome aesthetics in favor of comedy worked for Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, right? So here's Colin Farrell sporting a Kingpin-style combover, either to star in a secret film where he and Peter Dinklage play twin brothers, or for his role as one of the title characters in the comedy Horrible Bosses, which is shooting now. See a larger pic, if you can take it, after the break.

As we've talked about previously, this is a sort of comedy twist on Strangers on a Train (as the NY Post, the source of this image, also points out) in which three best friends, all of whom hate their bosses, decide to take care of each others' problems. That's the mob meaning of 'take care of them,' by the way.

The cast is great: the three friends are played by Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day. The bosses are Farrell ("a coke-addled heir to a chemical company"), Jennifer Aniston ("a nymphomaniac dentist") and Kevin Spacey ("a master manipulator with an attractive wife").

Donald Sutherland is in the film as well, and the wild card in the cast is Jamie Foxx, who plays Motherf***er Jones, the scam artist enlisted by the friends to help do their dirty work.

[via Movieline]