Project Updates: Sin City 2; Red State And Hit Somebody; And The Incredible Crash Test Dummies

The specter of Sin City 2 will hang over Robert Rodriguez until...well, until he finally makes the damn movie. I can conceive of a distant future in which Rodriguez has become a filmmaker akin to Ingmar Bergman (just for the sake of argument) but is still hit with questions about Sin City 2.

On the subject of the sequel, Rodriguez spoke to Digital Spy (via CinemaBlend) and said "We're still working on Sin City, I want to do it so we'll see. It's just a matter of when...We have a script... a rewritten script that we still have to write and it's just finding the right time slot to do it."

So, the film is basically in the same spot it has been for some time: pending, but not really close to the starting line. For what it's worth, Rodriguez also mentioned that he's still in contact with Mike Allred about making a film based on Allred's comic series Madman. That would be a great thing to see (possibly) and I'd infinitely prefer that to Sin City 2.

After the break, Kevin Smith offers Red State and Hit Somebody updates, and the Incredible Crash Test Dummies movie is, shockingly, still moving forward.

Kevin Smith told Collider that he's casting Red State, but isn't really interested in making big announcements about the film. "This time I'm just trying to just do it differently where I'm like "lets kind of quietly make the movie and see what happens". You know, let everyone know when it's done." And he's got some actors chosen and locked, but in general is looking for the sweet spot between 'name' and 'unknown' actors.

For the first time since Clerks I'm trying to go, not unknown, but actors who aren't like, you're gonna see them on screen and not know their's a weird kind of in between neither place that I'm reaching for. It's not complete unknown and it's not remotely fucking recognizable, name recognizable...It's really tough to find actors whose name you don't know.

Meanwhile, there's Hit Somebody, the hockey movie based on a Warren Zevon song, which Smith is still writing. He says he's got eighty pages written, and the idea is to shoot in Detroit next year.

Finally, Babe director Chris Noonan is evidently still set to direct a Crash Test Dummies movie. Yeah, based on the '90s toy line and cartoon series that were based on PSAs from the late '80s. Producer Doug Lodato told Hollywood Today (via Bleeding Cool) that he's looking for financing and has some other creative talent on board. Specifically,

If we could do with Crash Dummies what he did with talking pigs, it would work at the end of the day. We also brought in Dave Elsey who was the creature creator of last Star Wars and was nominated for an Oscar. I am trying to assemble a superb team.

My instinct would be to guess that the ship has long since sailed for The Incredible Crash Test Dummies, but if Stretch bloody Armstrong can get a movie, why not these guys? I'm not going to be first in line for either, but it causes me no particular pain that they might get made.