WTF: Bruce Willis Has His Own Fragrance

To all those who have spent the past 22 years since Die Hard's release harboring a secret desire to wear Bruce Willis' scent, today is your lucky day. Geekosystem has relayed an announcement for his new fragrance, titled simply: BRUCE WILLIS. In big, bold letters. You know, because it's manly.

It's said the aroma features hints of grapefuit, pepper and vetiver, which is disappointing for me, since I always assumed Bruce Willis gave off a scent of dirt, sweat, and terrorist blood. In any case, the smell doesn't matter, since it's really just a bunch of indiscriminate chemicals with a celebrity name slapped on it. Other examples of this include Cumming, the cologne endorsed by Alan Cumming (which is even funnier than it sounds, and can be seen after the break), and the half-dozen fragrances by Antonio Banderas. You can find out which others celebrities have attached their name to smelly chemical water over at Wikipedia. Apparently they have a list for everything.