VOTD: Tron Homage - Disc Battle

With the all-new, heavily CGI designs of Tron Legacy, I'm surprised we haven't already seen quite a few fan-made videos set in the updated Tron world. Enter Tron Homage: Disc Battle, a brief but very pretty fan film made as an entry in a VFX competition.

Kiel Figgins oversaw a team of animators and artists to create this clip, which looks just like it belongs in the world of Disney's sequel to Tron, or at least the world as we've briefly seen it in trailers and video game clips.

I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Disney sends a quick cease and desist over this video, so check it out now. It's less than a minute long, so it won't intrude too much on your post-4th relaxation.

[One Cool Thing, aka Dan Trachtenberg]