William Shatner Returns For Free Enterprise 2; Eliza Dushku, Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, JJ Abrams And The Old Spice Guy Also Involved?

I've been hearing about a possible sequel to Free Enterprise for over ten years now. I really thought it was a pipe dream that would never happen. But apparently the sequel is actually happening, likely thanks to the recent jump in Trek popularity thanks to the JJ Abrams' Star Trek-reboot. If you haven't yet watched Robert Meyer Burnett's 1998 indie film, it can be easily described as Swingers for sci-fi geeks. It was about two aspiring LA filmmakers/Trek geeks who meet their screen idol, William Shatner (played by himself), who turns out to be nothing like the person they had imagined. The film has gone on to become something of a cult classic among geeks, and I highly recommend you check it out.

Burnett has been trying to get a sequel greenlit for years now, and it is now falling into place.

William Shatner revealed last week that he would be returning for the sequel, with plans to begin shooting later in July.

Free Enterprise...remember the film? Well we are doing a sequel, Free Enterprise 2. So they have got me involved in some fun stuff. And I will be shooting that in the next month or so.

And now, on Thursday's edition of G4 Attack of the Show, Isaiah Mustafa revealed that he also has a role in the upcoming project. For those who don't recognize the name, Mustafa is the guy who appears in the Old Spice commercials (which began at this year's SuperBowl).

And earlier today I noticed (and retweeted) a tweet from Eliza Dushku talking about Free Enterprise. Dushku wrote:

"Anybody seen the movie "Free Enterprise?" Loved."

Could it be that Dushku has been offered a role in the upcoming sequel and rented the first film to understand what its all about? Possible, but for right now that is purely speculation.

I've also been told by an anonymous tipper that Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart, and JJ Abrams have been written into the script. No word on if any of these actors/directors will be in the actual movie playing themselves.