Movie Trailer: Space Battleship Yamato

Japanese director Takashi Yamazaki (Returner, the Always films) has been working for a while on Space Battleship Yamato, aka the live-action remake of the anime that was released as Star Blazers in the US. We saw a teaser trailer in January that suggested a great deal about how the film would look, even as it declined to reveal too much about the film's effects.

Now there's a full trailer that really opens the floodgates and shows just how huge the scope of this adaptation might be. This footage looks fantastic, and is certainly way beyond what I expected to see out of the movie.

Twitch presents the trailer and some of the info on the film. And no matter what you think of some of the acting and delivery, there are some killer visuals in store. The teaser suggested that might be the case, but there's a much more impressive sense of scale here than I expected. The movie looks huge.

From that perspective, this already looks like a spot-on adaptation of the original anime. All that's really missing here is seeing the Wave Motion Gun in action, but you don't think they're going to give that away so early, do you?


Based on what we know so far, the feature seems to be following the basic trajectory of the original series, in which a refugee band of humans crafts a starship out of the scuttled Japanese battleship Yamato. The ship travels to the Large Magellanic Cloud to score some alien tech that can cleanse Earth of radiation and help humans gain the upper hand over an aggressive interstellar antagonist.