Kevin Spacey Joins The Cast Of Horrible Bosses

We've been following the developing cast of Horrible Bosses fairly closely. The film, in which three friends make plans to bump off each others' three awful bosses, could be a great little comedy if things work well. The last big role to cast has been the third of the title's horrible bosses, and now an appropriate name has agreed to sign on the dotted line: Kevin Spacey.

THR reports that Spacey will jump into this comedy in July as the worst of the bosses, "a master manipulator with an attractive wife." That will be just as he finishes the financial drama Margin Call. Obviously this calls to mind Spacey's role in Swimming With Sharks, which in the pre-WWW, pre-Entourage days pretty much defined the image of the awful movie studio executive for an entire decade. (You could also call his Lex Luthor a pretty horrible boss, as well, I'm sure.)

The rest of the cast is interesting: the three friends are played by Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day, with Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell playing the other two bosses. (Roles The Playlist eloquently sums up as "a coke-addled heir to a chemical company and a nymphomaniac dentist.") Deadline says that Donald Sutherland is in the film as well, which I don't recall coming across before. The wild card in the cast is Jamie Foxx, who plays Motherf***er Jones, the scam artist enlisted by the friends to help do their dirty work.

I've liked what little I've read of this script (written by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley) and I hope that Seth Gordon (King of Kong) can put a little more comic energy into this than he did Four Christmases. (Maybe his little stint helming episodes of Modern Family, The Office and Community has helped.)