Neil Patrick Harris Confirmed To Return For A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

On the off chance that an appearance by Patton Oswalt isn't enough to get you pre-rolling for the third Harold & Kumar movie, now there is some confirmation that Neil Patrick Harris will appear in A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, making him three for three in the series. We've already had reports that he was in the script, and so figured that this was coming down the pipe. But now it is, like, totally official. Or close to it. talked to NPH on the set of The Smurfs, and though the site doesn't provide a quote, it says that the actor said he will appear in the film. Given the climax of his appearance in the second film, how will he show up? Will he ride in astride a unicorn? Unlikely, but I imagine you'll all find ways to deal with that.

Here's a rundown of what other stuff we know about the film.

Written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossber, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas takes place years after the sequel.

  • Harold and Kumar, now in their 30s, have not been on speaking terms for years. Harold is a married, drug-free, Wall Street executive, while Kumar is single, still living like a teenager, and has recently had his medical license suspended for smoking marijuana.
  • The pair are reunited when a package intended for Harold arrives at their old apartment and Kumar must deliver it to Harold's house. Kumar ends up burning down Harold's special Christmas tree grown by his father-in-law, requiring the duo to seek out a replacement.
  • According to Vulture, "Along for the ride this time are waffle-making robots ("It's this year's hot new toy — Wafflebot!"), a drug-taking infant who makes the baby from The Hangover look like a huge prude, and, of course, Neil Patrick Harris. There's also a small role written for Kelly Ripa, as NPH's co-host for a TV Christmas special, that we kinda doubt she'll take (but really hope she does!)."
  • The script also features a five-page claymation sequence in which Harold and Kumar, high on psychoactive eggnog, are chased through midtown Manhattan by a giant evil snowman. Perfect for 3D.