Another Toy Story Film In June 2011?

Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich revealed on MSN (and later confirmed on Twitter) that Toy Story 3 is not the last time we'll see Buzz and Woody — and he's not talking about the costumed characters at the Disney theme parks. Don't worry Pixar fans, Disney is not pushing out another sequel — Toy Story 3 ends with a perfect conclusion to the trilogy, and I don't expect to see another feature film any time soon (I'd say "ever," but this is Disney...). But that doesn't mean that Disney won't release more adventures of Andy's toys on the big screen in short film form...

Here is what Unrich told James Rocchi:

"Well, I really tried my best to end the story of Andy and his toys and bring that story to a close in a really nice way at the end of this film. That being said, we know that people love the characters, love Woody and Buzz, and would hate to say good-bye to them completely. I don't know that there would ever be a '[Toy Story] 4.' We don't have any plans for one — but we are trying to find ways to keep the characters alive. We have announced we're going to do a short film in front of 'Cars 2' that uses the 'Toy Story' characters. We're going to keep them alive; they're not going away forever."

So there you have it, we will see the toys again on the big screen on June 24th 2011, in a short film which will play infront of Cars 2. When it was announced that Disney would open a second Pixar Animation Studio in Canada, it was revealed that the studio would produce computer animated short films, which usually run anywhere from three to six minutes in length, take 6 to 8 months to produce. Nothing has been announced, but I assume that the short is being created at this new Pixar campus.

I wonder what this means about future Pixar original animated short films. Will the Toy Story short be the only short film attached to the Cars sequel?

via: Pixarblog