Superhero Bits: First Look At Sif In Thor, Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Fighting For Wonder Woman Role, Brian Michael Bendis Turned Down Venom Spin-Off Movie?

We have a few superhero related mini movie news items to get to, so I thought we'd compile them in one post. After the jump you can see a low-resolution first look at Jaimie Alexander as Sif in Marvel's big screen adaptation of Thor, Jennifer Love Hewitt is campaigning to play Wonder Woman in the long in development movie adaptation, and we find out that comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis turned down the chance to pen the Spider-Man Spin-Off Venom movie.

First Look at Jaimie Alexander as Sif in Thor

Last week we posted a video set visit for Marvel's Thor from Entertainment Tonight. It turns out that the televised edition featured a couple extra seconds of footage, which included our first look at Jaimie Alexander (Kyle XY) as Sif, a "skilled Asgardian warrior who can hold her own, and is a love interest of Thor." SHH has got some screencaptures, which can be seen above.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fighting For Wonder Woman Role

This past week it was revealed on WENN (via cinematical) that actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is "fighting so hard" to be cast in the title role in Warner Bros/DC adaptation of Wonder Woman. Love Hewitt is quoted as saying:

"I really want to play Wonder Woman. I'm obsessed with Wonder Woman."

The studio recently promised that the project was in active development, but we don't know how close Warner Bros is to ato moving forward — remember, the adaptation has been in various stages of development for years.


During a recent Word Balloon podcast (via: Digital Spy), comic book writer  Brian Michael Bendis (who launched Ultimate Spider-Man) revealed that Sony Pictures offered him the chance to write the screenplay for a Spider-Man spin-off/tie-in project.While Bendis said that the film project is to be set "in the same universe" as the Spider-Man series, he did not say if it was the in-development Venom spin-off movie. But many comic book fans believe this to be the case.

Zombieland co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have previously penned drafts of the Venom project, but as far as I can tell, that was before the reboot plans were revealed. Bendis claims that turning down the tie-in project may have hurt his chances of acting as script consultant on the upcoming Marc Webb-directed Spider-Man reboot.