Cool Stuff: King Kong Attacks Dodger Stadium And Santa Monica Beach

As you probably know by now, Universal has teamed with Peter Jackson ro rebuild a 3D 360-degree King Kong attraction at Universal Studios. Universal has been hyping the upcoming ride, King Kong 360 3-D, by staging Kong's footprints/destruction in real life locations around Los Angeles, including Dodger Stadium and the beach at the Santa Monica Pier. Check out video and photos, after the jump.

Jonathan Alcorn took the following photos on June 2nd on the beach just north of the Santa Monica Pier:

Last week, Dodger Stadium was destroyed by Kong:

I've heard that Hollywood Boulevard will be next, so watch out.


  • The new attraction will involve guests wearing "special glasses as they enter a darkened sound stage" containing "the world's largest 3D Surround Digital projection system" aboard the famous Studio Tour trams.
  • The attraction will transport guests to Peter Jackson's version of Skull Island where they'll "survive a close encounter with a swarm of monstrous bats, only to be" put in the middle of "a ferocious showdown between" an "enormous, ravenous 35' tall dinosaur" and King Kong.
  • The attraction will feature all original material, created by Jackson specifically for the attraction, and not just repurposed footage from Jackson's 2005 remake.
  • The 3D images will be projected on two 180-foot-long by 40-foot-tall screens that wrap around the trams.
  • The 2 1/2-minute long attraction will cost "more than six times the price of rebuilding the destroyed mechanical Kong."
  • Here is a bit more from The Los Angeles Times:
  • "If the new technology works as designed, park visitors will not only see Kong in three dimensions but also smell his banana breath, feel the gust of wind as he jumps over the guests and sense the ground quake when the ape engages a Tyrannosaurus rex in a life-or-death battle." ... "In another scene, a 35-foot-tall T. rex stepped over the trams, turned to the audience and bared its massive teeth." ... "Inside the building, the tram will stop over a "tram-mover" system, powered by massive air bags that will lift, shake and drop the tram, giving guests the feeling of being jolted during the battle between Kong and the T. rex." ... "The 180-foot-long screens will curve around the tram so that the 3-D images seem to surround the passengers. A system of fans, sprayers and other devices installed in the building will spew air, water and odors at park visitors to bring the images to life"

  • The following video comes from Crave: