First Look: Chris Evans As Captain America [Concept Images]

Since the Captain America movie was first announced, fans have been submitting images of what the Captain's movie costume could look like. Earlier this week, we even got an informed description of the Captain's cinematic wardrobe. But reading about a costume can be boring. How about some images? AICN has landed some very official looking concept images showing what Chris Evans will look like in costume in Captain America: The First Avenger. While they can't confirm the images are from Marvel Studios, most everyone assumes they are real.

Captain America Concept Image

Head on over to Ain't It Cool for a couple more pose variations.

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I was always a little bit skeptical about the Captain America movie based purely on the superhero's costume. I mean, lets face it, if they had stuck to the exact design from the comic book, it would have been ripe for ridicule. But these images look realistic and not too cartoony, while still managing to stay true to the appearance of the Captain in the comics.