James Cameron Consulted On BP Oil Spill Cleanup Ideas

If Kevin Costner won't save our oceans, who will? How about James Cameron? As if it isn't enough that Kevin Costner's water-therapy machine could be deployed to help clean up the BP oil spill along the Gulf coast, James Cameron has been 'brainstorming' with scientists about ways to contain the spill.

Reuters reports that Cameron's session with "scientists, academics and Washington officials " took place yesterday and was "part of the federal government's ongoing efforts to hear from stakeholders, scientists and experts from academia, government and the private sector as we continue to respond to the BP oil spill."

Several meetings along these lines have taken place in the past few weeks, as one measure after another has failed to contain or plug the leak in the fractured well.

This particular meeting sounds like a PR grab — inviting Cameron is an easy way to get some free semi-positive spin on the story — that is being called a "listening session as these stakeholders shared ideas about possible efforts to mitigate the BP spill's impact on the Gulf region." I think we can all appreciate any effort that might possibly contribute a useful solution to this gigantic problem, but am I the only one that thinks there are probably other scientists and engineers who would be more useful in this situation?

Previously, David provided a little bit of background on the spill: the result of an explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon rig, the Gulf oil spill is currently sending over 210,000 gallons of oil into the water per day. British Petroleum have been trying everything to slow down the rate of spillage, but in the two weeks since Costner's device became one possible solution, the leak is still pouring oil into the Gulf.