Donald Glover Campaigns For Spider-Man Audition

Derrick Comedy member and star of NBC's Community Donald Glover has started a campaign on twitter to get an audition for the role of Peter Parker in Marc Webb's 3D Spider-Man Reboot. The comic actor is encouraging fans/followers to retweet the hash tag #donald4spiderman.

At the exact moment I'm publishing this article on Sunday night, the #donald4spiderman tag is popping up on over 100 new tweets every 60 seconds.Seems like a lot of people on the internets think its an inspired idea. Someone has even created a Donald Glover for Spider-Man Facebook fanpage.

I'll admit, even if Sony or Webb are listening, I find it doubtful they would consider such a radically fresh new direction for this superhero franchise. But since the suggestion is gaining so much traction on the social web, I thought I'd throw the question out to the /Film readers: Would you like to see Don Glover play the new Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot? Leave your thoughts in the comments below