24 Series Finale - What Did You Think?

Sure, this season of 24 wasn't perfect. Katie Sackhoff's Dana felt like this year's Kim Bauer, in the sense that her storyline became increasingly nonsensical and useless as time went on. Also, the show didn't make nearly as good use of its location as last season did with Washington D.C. (mostly because the New York backgrounds always looked like they were done using CGI). But it did manage to show us one thing we'd never seen before: A completely unhinged, unstable, unpredictable, rampaging Jack Bauer. For that we can be all be grateful, right?

Tonight saw the series finale of a show that's been with us for eight seasons. Since 2001, Jack Bauer has been torturing crucial information out of shady individuals, gunning down evil terrorists, and both saving and imperiling innocent civilians, all for the greater good. Despite all its flaws and its predictability, I am going to miss this show.

So, did the ending satisfy? Was it worthy of the show, and of Jack Bauer? Are you excited about the possibility of a 24 movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below. SPOILERS ARE ALLOWED.