LOL: Watch A Montage Of Every Single Death Scene From Lost

We've posted a lot of Lost stuff lately, but bear with us. Show's about to end, and if you aren't on the boat with the people who are completely wrapped up in it, the worst of the endgame fandom will be over soon.

Actually, if you're not a Lost fan, I've got the perfect video for you. Jezebel created a montage featuring, the site claims, every single death scene from the show's six seasons to date. Or, if you've fallen away from the show in the last few years, this could be the perfect way to come back into the fold. Want to know what happened to that guy you hated in a couple episodes? There's a good chance his fate is in here. Goes without saying, this clip contains massive Lost spoilers.

The montage is set to 'People Who Died,' by the Jim Carroll Band. (The same Jim Carroll who wrote the autobiographical book The Basketball Diaries.) Much of what makes this fun to watch is the editing, which does a pretty great job of syncing song and image. I wouldn't mind having some of the explosions spaced through the montage a bit more, but it is good to have a couple of the more attention-getting ones butted one up against the other, just to underscore that, yeah, Lost pulled the same trick twice. And if the song choice doesn't exactly make some of the bigger character deaths seem like they're treated with reverence,'s TV, after all.

And, in case you were concerned, the flaming arrows start to fly around 4:40.