Toby Jones Cast In Captain America

Marvel is in final talks with British actor Toby Jones to play the evil scientist Arnim Zola in Joe Johnston's Captain America: The First Avenger (yes, they flipped around the title — it use to be The First Avenger: Captain America).

Jones is best known for playing Truman Capote in Infamous, Karl Rove in Oliver Stone's W., and Swifty Lazar in Frost/Nixon. He also provided the voice of Dobby the House Elf in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He is a very good character actor who has won a number of international awards.

Created by Jack Kirby, Arnim Zola first appeared in Captain America #208 (April 1977). The character has no super powers, but Zola is a scientific genius specializing in genetics and cloning.

He is not only capable of creating exact clone copies of his "clients", he has also created monsters which are conditioned to do his bidding.

According to Wikipedia, Arnim Zola was "a biochemist during World War II who became one of the first human genetic engineers in history after finding papers and equipment used by the offshoot race of humanity, the Deviants. He found a ready home among the Nazi party, who saw his actions as the ability to ensure the existence of a master race."

One of his first accomplishments was the creation of a brain pattern imprinting device, which would allow someone's mental essence to be projected into a cloned brain. Zola presented such a gift to Adolf Hitler, creating the Hate-Monger. Zola also used these skills to form a new body for himself, surviving through the war and into modern times. The Red Skull also financed some of Zola's experiments, allowing Zola to produce such creations as Primus, Doughboy, and Man-Fish. This association led to Zola's first confrontation with Captain America in the jungles of Central America. Zola has since continued his experiments at various times and locations around the globe. Often, his crimes against humanity bring him into conflict with various heroes, from Captain America to Deadpool.

Jones joins Chris Evans as Steve Rogers (aka Captain America), Sebastian Stan as the Captain's sidekick Bucky Barnes, Hugo Weaving as the film's villain Red Skull, and 28-year old British actress Hayley Atwell as the Captain's World War II girlfriend Peggy Carter. Production is set to begin this Summer in England.

source: THR