Real Life Weirdness: Back To The Future Marriage Proposal, Spider-Man Traps Comic Book Thief, Actors Almost Shot By Real Police During Robbery Scene

When news gets slow in Hollywood, we like to turn our eye to the even stranger stories in the real world. This week we bring you a Back to the Future marriage proposal, the story and video of a man dressed as Spider-Man who trapped a comic book thief during Free Comic Book Day with the help of a couple Jedi knights and The Flash, and the story and video of a bunch of actors shooting an independent film who were almost shot by real Police Officers who thought the robbery scene was real.

45-year-old comic store owner Michael Baulderstone was dressed as Spider-Man on Free Comic Book Day when he noticed a customer put an expensive X-Men Omnibus in his backpack.

"One of the funniest things about the incident was that I called for people to stand near the door and it just so happened we had people dressed as Jedi knights there blocking the exit, the Flash was there at some point too," Mr Baulderstone told the Courier Mail. "Everyone in the store thought it was a play, that it was street theatre of some sort. It wasn't until I said `Call the police' that people started to realize."

The security footage shows Spider-Man "running down the corridor of the shop, grabbing this guy, hauling him off." Watch the video here:

In Long Island New York, a group of actors on the independent film Jessie were almost shot by Police Officers who stumbled on the planned robbery scene. Watch the television report:

And from FilmDrunk comes the story of a Back to the Future Marriage Proposal. The couple met at a costume party, where Google engineer Corey Goldfeder was dressed as Marty McFly and Andrea was dressed in a 1950's poodle skirt. Here is how the proposal went down. Goldfeder took his girlfriend to a showing of Back to the Future, which was supposedly being presented as part of a Michael J. Fox retrospective at a film festival in a historic local theater.

We had planned this date for months had tickets long in advance, which was unnecessary since the film festival didn't actually exist. In reality, I had rented out the theater, and the movie showing was to be the scene of a surprise proposal. The manager was a bit of a romantic, and he was happy to help with supporting details like adding "Back to the Future" to the theater's marquee and getting someone to man the popcorn machine.

About 20 unknown friends and acquaintances filled the theater so that it wouldn't look suspiciously empty.

We showed up at the theater just in time, and sat through the previews until "Back to the Future" began to play. After 20 minutes, however, the movie on the screen began to... diverge... from the original script. Using some borrowed chroma key equipment I had digitally replaced Michael J. Fox's face with my own, and with some careful splicing and voice over work, I had staged a conversation between "Doc" and Marty McFly (with my face) about whether it was time to propose. At the end of this conversation, the movie-me then turned to face the camera and prompted the real-me to propose. I got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of my pocket, and asked the love of my life to marry me. She said yes!

Watch the YouTube video embedded below: