Sharlto Copley Says District 9 Sequel Will Shoot In 'About Two Years'

There has been some rumor talk about a sequel to Neill Blomkamp's District 9 – District 10, as the film is being branded in advance — but none of the recent chatter actually seemed to be on point. In fact, it isn't, says D9 star Sharlto Copley. He and Blomkamp want to do the sequel, or prequel as it may be, but it is still a couple of years off.

Speaking to Empire, Copley says,

Neil wants it and I want it. Neil's doing another film first. Then I think if everything goes according to plan we'll do the second film in about two years time. That story can go in so many different ways. There's a whole universe. I'm sure a lot of writers say that, but we actually have an entire universe.

Interest remains in making a prequel, which conforms to what Blomkamp said not too long ago.

Neil's actually very interested in prequels as well; he's said that a few times. We wouldn't do the traditional Hollywood version of the sequel which would just be 100 aliens fighting humans.

Just to refresh on what Neill Blomkamp has said about the idea of a prequel, this was his quote from January:

And Wikus is so funny to me, I'm very interested in a sort of passive racist like that. If you go forward [with his story beyond District 9] it's more of a traditional film but if you go backward I'd be intrigued in that. I'm not so interested in aliens coming back and blowing things up but [a prequel] might be interesting.

And what about the film he is working on now? According to the same interviews that generated the quote above, it is a tale set 150 years in the future, based on an idea he had right after finishing District 9. It is science fiction, with "many sociopolitical ideas," all wrapped up in "something that is like a Hollywood action film."