VOTD: The Raven [Futuristic Sci-Fi Short Film]

Ricardo de Montreuil's six minute sci-fi short film The Raven hit the web this week and has been making noise around Hollywood.

The film tells the story of Chris Black, who "possesses a power that could lead to the destruction of the current regime, and they will stop at nothing to destroy him. The chase is on as Chris runs for his life in this sci-fi thriller set in an alternate and futuristic Los Angeles." The film was shot on the RED Camera, shot in downtown Los Angeles, and completed for only $5,000.

Some people are even making comparisons to Neill Blomkamp's Alive in Joburg, and that is one of the film's problems — it seems to borrow a lot from that short, the feature film it spawned – District 9, as well as Robocop, Minority Report and other sci-fi classics. It looks great, was made on the cheap, but it doesn't present any real new and different/interesting ideas. Don't get me wrong, it looks cool, which is why I'm posting it. Watch it now, embedded after the jump.

Short Film:Concept Art, 3D Models and Production Photos:


Director : Ricardo de Montreuil

Producers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Eliz Eskeranli

Writers: Ricardo de Montreuil & Antonio Perez

Cinematographer: Andres Sanchez

Composer: Angelo Milli

Special Effects Supervisor: Aaron Burns

3D Modeling and Animation: Juan Somarriba and Francisco Concha

Visual Effects and Compositing: Ricardo de Montreuil

Editing: Ricardo de Montreuil

Color Correction: Santiago Padilla

Sound Design and Mixing: Martin Seltzer

Special thanks: Filmosonido, CO3 and Converse