VOTD: Star Wars Uncut - "The Escape"

We have yet to really cover this project, so now is probably the time. Last year an interactive art project was launched called Star Wars Unut. The idea was to recreate Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope using 472 15 second fan recreated scenes. Fans that participated recreated a 15 second segment of the film any way they wanted to. Some filmmakers submitted their own Be King Rewind-style Sweded video reproductions, while others recreated scenes using various forms of animation and photography.You can watch some of the clips on the StarWarsUncut website right now.

The plan has aways been to edit all of these segments back together in a fan created remake of the original Star Wars film. That time is now. Star Wars Uncut will premiere in Copenhagen at CPH:PIX Festival on April 19th and the project organizers claim that have several screenings in New York City in the works. To celebrate the upcoming premiere they have released a five minute segment of the film, a teaser they call "The Escape". You can watch that video now after the jump.

The Escape:

The Trailer: