Venn Diagram: The Difference Between Geek, Nerd, Dork And Dweeb

Even though /Film's name clearly singles out movies/film, I've always considered /Film a site for visual non-interactive media geeks – be it television, short films, comic books, music videos, commercials, genre-focused books...etc. And you may have noticed from time to time we write about these other things. "Visual non-interactive" means we rarely cover video games, computers or music, unless they are associated with one of the previous topics.  I've always looked at /Film as a site which celebrates geekdom. The daily column "Cool Stuff" isn't really so much about actual Cool Stuff, as actually about geek stuff. But I guess the point is that for geeks, the stuff in cool stuff is actually cool.

And when I say geek, I mean geek — not nerd, dork or dweeb. Those are different words to describe different types of people. I've often had conversations with people debating this topic – what makes a film geek a geek but a math nerd a nerd? No need to argue or debate any further, as GreatWhiteSnark has discovered a Venn Diagram that explains everything. Hit the jump to view the whole diagram.

dweeb, dork, geek, or nerd venn diagram