Michael Koerbel's "Head On", Short Film Commissioned By Steven Spielberg?

Update: A representative from DreamWorks tells us that the short film "was not commissioned by Steven".Michael Koerbel's 3-minute short film "Head On" has been making the Internet rounds today. Koerbel, a third year graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, claims that the project was commissioned by Steven Spielberg. While I'm unable to verify that claim (Koerbel also commented that Spielberg picked the music, which has me skeptical), it is a cute little short. The story follows a boy who "uses his imagination to connect with a girl on a New York City subway." The film was shot on the RED Camera, with all of the animations and compositing completed in Adobe After Effects. The whole thing was supposedly conceived and completed in 10 days.

. Check it out now, after the jump.

via: likecool